What does Professional Services Insurance do?

Your commercial insurance policy protects your business when things go wrong. If a client injures themselves on your work premises, public liability cover will protect you if they decide to claim compensation. If you’re hacked, cyber insurance will help you deal with the fallout. If a client isn’t happy and takes legal action, professional indemnity insurance makes sure you’re covered. We’ll help you decide on the types of cover you need in your tailored business insurance policy.

When to get Professional Services Insurance?

Any business that employs at least one person is legally required to have employers’ liability insurance as a minimum and some professional bodies and regulators insist on other types of insurance. But you should also think about the risks you face when it comes to the success and survival of your business. From the equipment you use to disgruntled employees, it pays to know you’re protected against unexpected and costly events.

How much Professional Services Insurance cover will I need?

The type of business insurance and the level of cover will depend on the nature of what you do. Do you deal with members of the public on a daily basis? Are you a freelancer who relies on expensive portable equipment? Or does your company handle sensitive data? Whatever you do, we’ll build you a comprehensive business insurance policy that protects you against the risks you face.

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The team at Dovetail are hugely experience and professional, but prioritise balancing this with a friendly and personal approach