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Dovetail can help you wear and enjoy your valuable jewellery with confidence. Choose from either a stand-alone policy or inclusion within our high value home insurance policy. Our knowledgeable advisors are on-hand to help you choose the policy that best suits your circumstances.

Beautiful items such as necklaces, watches, earrings and bracelets are designed to be worn, seen and admired. When it comes to jewellery insurance it is important to know how much your jewellery is really worth and invest in the appropriate level of cover.

We understand that you need to be sure that your jewellery, watches and precious stones are insured should the worst happen, whilst secure in the knowledge that you’re not paying over the odds for your premium.

We advise our clients to carefully check their policy summary and policy wording for exact details of cover applicable to their circumstances. Our experienced advisors are available to assist you with this and to help ensure that you have the right level of insurance to suit your circumstances. Please be aware that not all options are available on all policies.

Ownership of beautifully-made, functional domestic antiques has always been one the joys of collecting. They reflect the changing methods of manufacture, style and taste in home furnishing throughout the centuries and generations.

Many people who wouldn’t necessarily describe themselves as collectors take pleasure and pride in acquiring good quality items of furniture either though the trade, at auction or through family inheritance.

Many insurers don’t provide cover for items like antique furniture under standard ‘home contents’ policies. Many such ‘contents’ insurance policies have a ‘single article limit’ that assumes that no single antique furniture item covered by the policy is worth more than the stated limit – or require you to individually list all objects which exceed a prescribed value.

Our insurance for antique items includes cover for accidental damage and theft and if you acquire a new piece, cover is automatically extended for a period of sixty days.

We offer a stand-alone jewellery insurance policy, independent from your home contents insurance. Our stand-alone policy covers a wide range of circumstances such as theft from your home or your person, or accidental damage, for example losing a stone or part of a setting.
Benefits include:
  • Choose from worldwide cover or restrict cover to Western Europe or just the UK.
  • No excess to pay in the event of a claim.
  • The right to repurchase any recovered items subsequent to any claim.
  • Cover up to £1,000,000 with immediate quote for items up to £20,000.
Many people assume that their valuable jewellery will be covered on a standard home contents policy. However, it can be common for many insurers on a standard policy covering £50,000 of contents to restrict all valuables to £10,000. This could mean that in the event of a claim, the maximum the insurance company would pay out for items of jewellery is £10,000.
We specialise in high value home insurance policies which offer remarkable levels of cover, especially if you are looking to cover valuable jewellery and watches.
Cover can include:
  • All risks cover on a worldwide basis.
  • Items worth less than £15,000 automatically covered, with no requirement to specify.
  • Highly competitive premiums when valuable items incorporated within home policy.
We believe in making insurance comprehensive and hassle free, including jewellery insurance. This is especially important given the emotional attachment to items such as engagement rings and wedding rings or loved pieces that have been passed down through generations. These items are of course sentimentally irreplaceable, however in the event of anything happening to your more treasured possessions, it’s always good to know that the financial stress will be considerably less than the emotional upset.

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