Home Insurance

Is Your Home Underinsured?

It may astonish you to know that 20 per cent of households in the UK are under-insured.  Serious flooding in 2007 showed many households just do not have enough insurance to protect them.  One in five do not know how much their contents are worth: it has been reported that the average amount of ‘stuff’.

Value of ‘Stuff’ in Average UK Household

Report dated February 2018 27 million households in the UK –  THE AVERAGE amount of ‘stuff’ in a UK household is £35,000 which is more than the average annual UK salary of £27,000  THE VALUE of possessions owned by all UK households at almost £1 trillion(£1,000,000,000,000!!) is more than the government spent in.

Insurance For Airbnb

ABI news. April 2019 25/07/2019 BEFORE LETTING OUT YOUR PROPERTY whether via Airbnb or any other Bed and Breakfast arrangement.  INFORM YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY. Failing to do this, could invalidate your Policy and the insurance company could be entitled to refuse any claim you make, on the grounds of non-disclosure, even if the claim.