Dovetail offer a wide range of insurance products to compliment your lifestyle, which means we tailor from a range of policies that will take care of all your insurance needs, from the precious and rare (Fine Art, Aviation, Bloodstock) to the everyday but essential (High Value Home, Motor, Travel).

High Value Buildings Insurance in the UK

Dovetail is a high net worth property insurance broker specialising in quality home insurance for distinctive homes. We have a rich experience of over two decades specialising in high value property
insurance. In the course of offering valuable property insurance services, we have developed close working relationships with a wide network of insurers. This helps us to get you the best deal throughout the whole property insurance process, from quote to claim. We invest time and energy into maintaining a robust relationship with a host of insurers, so that your Personal Insurance Advisor will always be able to find the most appropriate cover for your assets.

High Value Buildings Overseas

As with UK properties, Dovetail can provide bespoke worldwide cover for distinctive property overseas. Regardless of the location, size or characteristics of the property we can provide cover that works anywhere in the world, irrespective of translation issues or legalities applicable outside the UK, meaning that we can help with your claim regardless of your situation. Often there will be accidents that occur during the periods the property owner spends away from the property, and whilst regular insurers insist on heavy clauses and limitations, our specialist insurers can offer a cover that understands your lifestyle and provides flexible cover with the same quality as your UK property.

High Value Contents UK

It is essential to have a high value home contents insurance policy so you can be assured that your most precious items are protected financially in the right way. Too many home insurance policies available in the market, in our opinion, impose conditions obliging you to change your lifestyle in order for a claim to be considered. We understand that you need cover for both inside and outside the home and that you, the owner of high value contents and possessions, are likely to take great care of them. However, accidents do happen, and in the unfortunate event of you having to make a claim, our expert claims team will guide you through the process, giving advice and deploying our negotiating skills when needed, to ensure that you claim is settled fairly and efficiently.

High Value Contents Overseas

As with your UK contents insurance, Dovetail can provide a package that ensures your contents are covered in overseas properties as well as your personal belongings outside of the UK. Whilst you are absent from your property you can stay reassured that should there be any issues that result in a claim, you will be fully protected by a policy written to cover any eventuality. In such instances, sensitivity and speed are vital, meaning that you have just one claims number to call, no matter what the problem. Our dedicated team is available around the clock to all your family and staff.

Non-Standard Home Insurance

Because Dovetail understands that our clients’ needs are often unusual, we can provide cover that protects properties or individuals that cannot be insured through standard policies. For example, listed buildings, buildings at risk of subsidence or flooding, underpinned properties, thatch roofed homes, holiday homes, unoccupied property or property undergoing building works or renovation. Cover for

these types of risks often cannot be acquired through mass market channels, such as the internet insurance providers – they require access to insurers who are capable of dealing with the insurance exposures these circumstances present. Dovetail carefully examines the issues that would normally make the risk uninsurable and negotiates with our insurers to create a policy that protects our clients’ assets.