Are businesses failing their young employees or are they failing businesses?

Dovetail was recently invited to take part in a business debate about the skills young employees bring to the work environment. More specifically in this instance the debate focussed on the skills deficiency that business owners are finding and what perhaps needs to be addressed. You can read the articles in The Observer ( and The Daily Mail ( It also appeared in The Daily Telegraph on Monday, 23rd September.

Reading the readers’ comments on line it certainly stimulated debate with a clear generation divide about the perceived issues and who should take responsibility to prepare young people to be effective and productive employees. There are certainly more aspects to be considered, from both sides, that can be covered in a newspaper article. Over a short series of blog articles I will endeavour to explore these in more detail but first I will put into context why Dovetail was invited to comment.

Dovetail is a growing business and with growth comes the need to service the extra business with extra staff. These new employees will offer different skills, based on their experience thus far, across a wide age range including those new or relatively new to the work environment. For a business to succeed it needs to be robust and progressive, and its leaders need to recruit the right people at the right time. It can be an expensive mistake if you choose the wrong person even if it is at the right time.

A successful company is also about choosing good business partners and as a high value home insurance broker we are proud of our association with Debrett’s ( who commissioned the survey that sparked the interest of the national newspapers. Debrett’s is a modern, forward thinking organisation that has traditional values and that is how Dovetail models itself too. It seemed a natural fit for both parties to forge an association for the membership of Debrett’s and we look forward to working with them for many years to come.

Dovetail is excited about the future and expects to provide employment opportunities as our growing business demands it. So what is reasonable for us to expect from a new employee, particularly those that are short on experience and insurance industry knowledge? After all, most of us started our careers in insurance in this position. And what should the young employee expect from the employer? It is a two way relationship that should be beneficial for both parties and I share explore this is more detail on the next blog.
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